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if i could turn back time
i'll go wherever you will go
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18th-Jul-2020 01:45 pm - Friends Only
≡ keep me in your memory

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≡ fake at the seams; lost in my dreams

Title:Incandescent (turn off the lights when you go)
Rating:T, implied sexual situations
Ship: Rachel/Mike
Summary: Somewhere along the way, maybe after she fails the LSATs the first time, Rachel learns to deny herself the things she wants.

It's not that she doesn't date anyone from the office. That's just an excuse. Rachel doesn't date anyone at all.Collapse )

6th-Oct-2011 08:05 pm - fic: The Omen (2/2)
≡ fake at the seams; lost in my dreams
Title: The Omen (2/2)
Rating: T, implicit sexual situations
Ship: Tripp/Maureen
Summary:  This is how they recover.

Part TWOCollapse )

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